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1, BIM technology implementation consultation
2. The rationality and safety of the scheme design.
3. Estimate of construction investment
4, bidding scheme planning
5. Convenience of construction operation
1. Follow design and construction specifications.
2, the layout is reasonable and beautiful, enhance clearance height.
3, reduce costs, quality and promotion
1, complete series of products
2, specialized manufacturing
3, product coverage is wide, suitable for pipeline range.
1. Assembly components are decomposed to improve installation accuracy.
2. Composition procedure manual
3. Guide assembly
4, professional assembly team assembly machine.
Guide installation
1. Project construction plan
2. Installation instruction manual
3, professional and technical personnel on-site guidance
    HaiBao Metal Group is founded on Suzhou New District with RMB100M register capital in 2007. As a professional supplier for state architecture and electromechanical engineering. We are dedicated the Mounting system to provide the turn-key service from concept, R&D, prototype, production, selling and customer service in different engineering field. Such as anti-earthquake mounting system for electromechanical engineering, architecture fabricated mounting system, pipeline mounting system, bridge structure mounting system, air hose mounting system and traceable solar mounting system.
  There are 8000 square plant in our company including tooling workshop, mechanical workshop, assembly workshop with top brand machine/equipment with automated production line and measurement tools for each process & quality control. There are 200 employees in the company at present. We are authorized different certificated including ISO 9001:2008 quality system, 3-level Safety cooperation and many patent for mounting system. Our company is the “ high-tech cooperation”, ”Scientific & Technologic middle cooperation”, “ privately Cooperation”, And award the “reliable & reputation cooperation”,” Top ten excellent mounting system cooperation”,  There are many mounting system are awarded the “High-Tech” products.
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| To provide an integrated solution for assembling and anti-seismic pipeline hanger system. MORE>>
  Enterprise qualification
Haibao seismic support has passed the national quality management system certification.

Certification of environmental management tips

Occupational health and safety management system certification

Products can provide professional and authoritative inspection reports.
Production strength
Large scale standardized industrial plant covers an area of more than 600 mu and has superior production environment.

Advanced production equipment, high precision and high quality to complete every process of the product.

Professional quality inspectors strictly control the quality of products.
  Technical force
Attached to the national technology center, the technical details are deep.

Professional technical personnel, professional and rich experience in design and practice.

Inspection of professional authority of seismic support
Our service
Professional consultation, providing professional solutions and instructions.
Safety assessment, inspection of existing products.

Installation guidance, on-site tracking, timely response.

After sale service: 7*24h, all-weather online service, arrange after-sales service on-site service according to customer needs.
| To provide an integrated solution for assembling and anti-seismic pipeline hanger system。 MORE>>
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